Stock market is a platform to buy and sell shares of public listed companies, under the supervision of governing organizations, so called SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) in India. Investing in stock market is very risky if you don’t know how to analyse the market. Stock brokers can help in investing in the right place at the right time by charging stock brokerage, for they actively observe the market. As they have good amount of experience they would create a balanced portfolio with the best returns according to the requirement while assisting the investors to manage it.

There are two types of brokers

Traditional brokers not only invest but also provide many services such as advising their clients, creating portfolio based on clients’ requisites like equity investments, debt investments, pension investments, tax investments and many more. Traditional brokers are also called as full service brokers and these brokers charge high brokerage that many vary between one to two percent.

Then the right way to choose a broker would be through picking up one of the top 10 stock brokers in India. These broker also provide services for high net worth individuals and wealth management.

On the other end we have discount brokers who would provide the services through internet at a very cheap and low cost comparatively. Discount brokers are also well known as online brokers or part-time brokers. However, they do not provide services unlike our traditional brokers. While looking at the advantage they charge very less commission or reduced prices over the traditional brokers, this would generally be 10 rupees per investment irrespective of the invested amount.

Are you looking at investing in stock market with your own knowledge and analysis?

The right way to choose a broker would be by going through best online stock brokers in India. They would refrain from providing additional services, however they provide free research space and tools for your analysis.

New investors who are not exposed to stock market and their terms should consider these brokers to select an absolute stock broker for beginner.

One could focus on mere betterment which is to allocate assets for the end results. There is something known as acorns which has been one of the best user friendly and successful brokerage ideas with the millennials turning out to be successful. This method basically links to the cards and when a purchase is made it rounds off to the nearest dollar value and would make the investment.

There are many methods as such for better investments.

Savings would just not suffice the living, investing in the right place and right time wisely to keep yourself away from upcoming crisis is a wise man’s choice.