1. Brokerage – A full time broker charges a percentage per each share that he helps you trade in the stock market. The cost would go up to 0.3% to 0.5% per each share you trade. This is a really high cost. Even the best discount broker in India on the other end only charges you a flat fee of 20INR per each share they help you trade in the market.
  2. Service Provided – An apt full service broker will be with you and guide you in all the stages of trading. These include advisory service of research, planning and will also provide all the necessary tips that will benefit you. A discount broker only acts as a communicator in the stock market to help you purchase your shares.
  3. Network – A full service brokerage company may have many branches and centres that you can reach out to at any point of time. Discount brokerage services are mostly available online and getting to know if they are branched or not is not important as their only goal is to get you a share and not to provide any service. Online discount brokers are easy to find and this makes one’s job much simpler.
  4. Establishment – both the brokers should be licensed. If you come across a broker without a license, you need to quickly understand that you are in the gates of a fraud and that he is not the right person you had to choose. Full time service brokers are well established in the market because of their relationship with the client and the service they provide. Many in the market are still not aware that there is a cost effective brokerage brought out by a discount broker. Hence, discount brokerage India is marking its establishment now.
  5. Your Knowledge – If you are new to the stock market and the trading methodologies, you can take help from a full service broker in order to prevent any loss due to your lack of knowledge. If you are well versed with the stock trading, you can put your knowledge into action and take help from a best discount broker and pay him less. With this, you can save a lot of money during the stock trading.