Brokerage is the benchmark of trade and commerce across the world. Trading is the process of buying and selling shares in the stock market.  When we talk about trade, we have huge platforms like HDFC, ICICI and more to help us buy and sell shares in the share market, and hence are called the brokerage companies. Trading of shares can be done in two processes: Intra-day trade and Delivery-based trade. When you choose an intra-day trade option, you are likely to buy the shares from the share market and sell it at a profit on the same day. Delivery-based trade is said to be done when you buy shares from the share market and keep it with you for some time duration before selling it. The time duration could be a day, a week, a month or even a year.

Who is a broker?

 An executive who can help us in trading of shares is called a broker.  There are two types of brokers in the share market that you should know: A full time broker and a discount broker. A full time broker is a person who provides full time service for you. These are also called traditional brokers. They help the client out by advising them the best shares in the stock market for them, and take up all the services until the end of trading. You would be having an advisor, a relationship manager and other general customer services if you choose them. They charge a particular percentage on each share and this is a heavy cost of 0.3-0.5% of each share for the share-holder who has chosen them to come up in the trading world. Is not this a high expenditure? We have our life saver called Discount Brokerage that helps us spend less and save more. Let’s get to know more about the discount brokerage and the benefits it has for you.

How does a discount broker work for you?

Our the people of our country prefer discount brokers and search for best discount brokers in India to meet their needs. A discount broker does not provide a full time service unlike a full time broker. He takes up services that the client chooses and charges according to each service. The service cost of a discount broker in India would somewhere be around 20INR per each trade. A trading platform without any advisory benefits is provided by the discount broker. If you are a great researcher in the stock market, you can have a good research done instead of hiring a full time broker, and only pay for the trading to a discount broker.

How to choose a broker?

When you have planned to land in to trading in the share market, start off by opening a trading account in recognized platforms and banks. Do a little research on the stock market and the income you would want to get. It will be great to not choose advisory service from a full time broker as the brokerage rates soar up. Choose a discount broker instead. A flat fee would be charged by the discount broker only for the service and save your income instead of paying someone.

Choose a broker who has a stable platform. Find your discount brokers online. Online discount brokers upload their experience and complete portfolio on their platform. Check out for the reviews shared by the other users. See how well-versed the broker is. Do a research on the broker first by checking on the reports they give. Also have a research on the service cost as they may vary for each discount broker. If you are great in applying for the trading orders through the internet and not telephonic, you can choose a discount broker. Get hold of the best discount brokers today and take your first step towards investment and saving.