Full-Service Broker

Full- Service broker is a licensed service provider which provide large no of client services such as research, advice, long-term plans, retirements plans, tax tips and more on trades. The full-service broker is also helpful in investment on the estate and tax planning for those who are unable to track daily ups and downs of the market.

What are the Duties of Full-Service Broker

Full-Service Broker take on a enormous amount of responsibility. Not only they are responsible for managing their client’s money but they must stay up-to-date on the latest tax laws, market research & financial news to provide their client with the best outcome. These financial agents work in stressful, fast paced environment, but for the right individual can be a rewarding career.

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Full-Service Broker services

Full-service brokers are services which offer dedicated support and interaction for trades, financial planning and wealth management services for clients. Clients are assigned to individual financial advisors or stockbroker.

Who are Stockbrokers and Financial Advisors?

Stockbrokers and financial advisors are licensed professionals who manage client investments and offers financial advice to clients. Stockbrokers provide securities products and transaction-based services, whereas financial advisors cover estate planning, financial planning and budgeting, insurance products and tax advice.

Why choose Full-Service Broker?

Full-service broker firms have expertise in client services. They have analysts in research departments who keep eyes on proprietary detailed reports and recommendations for clients. Full Service has investment banking divisions that offer initial public offerings (IPOs), preferred stock, debt instruments, limited partnerships and various alternative investment opportunities. They often have their own products like mutual funds, portfolio management, insurance, loan services and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The full-service broker is one place for investment and financial management. Usually, they provide online access and trading platforms. An investor who is seeking unlimited investment opportunity choose Full-Service broker over Discount Broker.