The only way of opening an account in bank was to head towards the bank and purchase an application from there. The application had to be filled and a set of xerox copies of your identity and address proofs had to be given. To make this process more tedious, the banks were taking time to process the account opening request. With time, the banking executives were dropping down to the customers home to collect the necessary documents. The biggest disadvantage of this was that both the parties had to take some time off from their schedule to meet and process the account request. With the access of internet and the world switching on to the ‘digital-mode’, banking can be done at the finger tips with the customer sitting anywhere and everywhere.  Let us have a look at how an online account works. 

An online account is an account created or operated online with the access of internet. Most of the popular banks have granted their existing and new customers the access to online banking by creating a platform for the same in their websites and apps. Net banking is booming and online money handling apps are hitting the floor to become a common man’s favourite tool. Are you planning to open a bank account or are planning to switch to online banking? Here are some ideas to create and use one.

Creation of an online account

Why wait in long queues to collect an account opening application and again waste time by waiting in such queues to submit it? Open an account with a phone or a laptop that has internet access. Almost all the banks across the globe provide an account opening form on their respective platforms. Follow these simple steps to open one.

  • Choose the bank you prefer to have a long term relationship with. Look at what benefits they provide to their customers and make a wise a decision.  
  • Visit the bank’s website and choose the option that leads you to opening an account. An online form will pop up on your screen, or you will have a download option of the application.
  • Download the application and fill it with the right and appropriate details.
  • You will have to choose a branch of the bank. Choose the branch which is in close proximity to your home or workspace.
  • After filling all your details, you will have to attach your identity proofs. These include your passport picture, AADHAR card and PAN card. PAN was not mandatory all these days. A form 60 was sufficient. The new rules have made PAN mandatory for opening and managing an account.
  • If you do not have a PAN, apply for it online and you will receive it at your doorstep.
  • You will have to take clear snaps of your document and upload it in the option given. Few banks will ask you to attach the scanned copies of the documents. You can download a scanned in your device, take picture and convert them into scanned copies. These can be attached in the platform.
  • Some of the banks will ask you to attach a cancelled cheque of your previous account. If you are having an existing account, attach this by following the same procedure. If this is going to be the first account you are going to hold, ignore this point.
  • Have a thorough check at the online form and submit it.
  • Choose the kind of account you want to hold. It could be a savings account, a zero balance account, a current account or an account that is tailored by the bank to meet and suit your needs.
  •  You will receive a confirmation mail and the bank executive assigned to help you out will reach you.
  • After the procedures completed by the bank, you will be receiving the cheque book, manuals and cards to the given address of yours.

Operating your account online:

If you already have an account and wish to operate it online, here are some ideas for you to work it out instead of having frequent visits to the bank.

  • The banks now a days provide the net banking option. You will have to request the bank executive or your relationship manager to grant you a net banking pin. With this pin, you cn have access to your account and operate it online.
  • Well known banks have apps that are simple to operate by any common person. You could download it on your phone and set a pin to keep the privacy. All the functioning of the bank can be done by choosing the right options provided by the bank.
  • Link your bank account, debit card or credit card with apps like PAYTM, GOOGLE PAY and other such trusted and used apps. Transferring money can be easily done, and you will also have access to win a lot of price rewards, cash back offers and other exclusive gifts by using these apps.

Utilise the online banking option provided by your bank and have a safe and tireless banking experience!