Everything has its pros and cons and so does discount brokerage. Let’s have a quick look at everything you need to know before trying out a service from any discount broker in India:

  1. Money matters – The best discount broker charges a very less trading fee in comparison with a full service broker or a traditional broker. You need to plan your investment before you choose your broker. Choosing a discount brokerage option is cost cutting anytime.
  2. Leading and Misleading- When you have no idea of how an investment in stock market works, there are high chances of getting misleaded by a full service broker. You can make your own decision with a discount broker as he nowhere advises you for anything.
  3. Loss in the share market – if you are planning to make an investment and are not having thorough knowledge in this field, self analyzing and hiring a best discount broker will be as good as having experimentation with your hard earned money. A discount broker in India is best preferred if you  know in and out of stock market. If you don’t, go ahead with a stock broker.

All about a Discount Broker

Investment is necessary for a better tomorrow. With this note, making an investment will fetch you a better tomorrow if you choose the right company shares to invest in. One cannot directly go and buy shares in the stock market. You will always need a mediator called the stock broker to represent you and help you trade the shares. There are two different stock brokers who can help you in this – the traditional and the discount brokers. The traditional brokers provide full service. A few brokers well known in the market ate HDFC, ICICI, Sherkhan and Kotak securities. They provide an amazing service and also charge a hug price as their service charge, or brokerage as we commonly say.  If you do not want to pay a high and huge brokerage, opting for a service from a discount broker would save you from drying out your pockets. These discount brokers are also called the budget brokers. They only provide a trading platform so that you can become a share-holder, however, no advice and service is provided from their end. The main reason to opt for services from brokers in this niche is that they charge you very less . Discpount brokers in India charge a fee as less as 20INR per each trade. A few of the most reviewed discount brokers are Zerodha, SAS Online, Achievers, and ProStocks.