1. Kotak Securities

Being one of the most prominent names in stock brokering, Kotak Securities definitely has its advantages. Leveraging its banking services, Kotak offers an array of trading platforms. Clocking in more than 500,000 trades every day, Kotak has a presence in over 360 cities in India with over 12000 branches spread across the country.As Kotak is such a large company, its service charges a relatively higher.Kotak Securities also offers its client with an online trading platform in a mobile trading application called ‘Kotak Stock Trader’ which comes with great user experience and a large number of additional features.

2. ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is one of the top stockbroker houses in India, having gained its trust factor from the parent banking service company. One of the benefits of ICICI Direct is their 3-in-1 account that helps with easy fund transfer.
Being one of the top brokerage companies, ICICI Direct has a relatively higher brokerage charge compared to other firms in India.They also have a high-performance, well-designed trading application for expert level traders – ICICI Trade Racer.


As a part of the Edelweiss group, Edelweiss Broking Services Limited is a leading financial services company providing its clients with a range of products and services across institutional, retail and corporations. Employing around 6200, Edelweiss has a client base of around 900,000 serving across 237 locations in 120+ cities of India. Edelweiss acquired J.P. Morgan asset management company in March 2016 to widen its coverage and hold in the commodities segment.Though brokerage firm was among the first ones to bring online account opening, we are still to more technological improvements in other areas


With around 5% market share and around 12,00,000 clients, Sharekhan is the 4th biggest stock broker in India. Founded in 2000, Sharekhan has a network of 2300 sub-brokers and franchises across 575 cities of the country.Sharekhan has some unique offerings in its brokerage plans for both pre-paid and postpaid terms. Sharekhan is known for its trading applications including Trade Tiger and that is suitable for intermediate to advanced level traders.

5.IIFL or India Infoline

Majorly known for its huge offline coverage in around 4000 locations across 900 cities of India along with presence outside India as well, IIFL was started in the year 1995. India Infoline offers a variety of brokerage plans based on the client’s risk appetite and trading budget.This, in turn, gives the clients a lot of flexibility to choose and pay brokerage as per their own trading behavior. Arguably, the IIFL Markets Mobile app is the best mobile trading app in India.

Known for the quality of fundamental research it offers to its clients and all these attributes account IIFL to be one of the top full-service stock brokers in India.

6.Motilal Oswal

Being one of the oldest stock broking houses in the country Motilal Oswal started in 1987. Their major focus has been institutional broking in the initial years, of late, they have been gradually focusing on retail broking as well. Motilal Oswal is pretty reasonable within full-service stock brokers cohort.Motilal Oswal came up with a one of a kind, unique trading platform – a Trading Smart Watch App.Motilal Oswal is known to provide quality customer support to its clients with quick call support and through Online mechanisms such as MO Genie.

7.HDFC Securities

Due to its presence in banking services, HDFC Securities provides a 3-in-1 account to its clients. Boasting of highly flexible and seamless trading platforms across devices including a trading terminal Blink.HDFC securities do charge its clients for using HDFC Blink software for their trading needs. Nonetheless, HDFC Securities has a rare provision of NRI accounts which a lot of stockbrokers don’t provide.HDFC Securities has been among the top 3 stockbrokers in India for quite a while now.

8.Anand Rathi

A full-service broker based out of Mumbai with Anand Rathi has its presence in more than 1200 locations including Dubai. Set up in 1994, it offers something to its Institutional, Retail as well as for High net worth Individuals. As per the latest numbers of 2018-19, Anand Rathi employs a workforce of 2500 people and a client base of around 80,000.Anand Rathi is known to provide high-quality research across trading segments through its in-house research team.


Karvy Online began its operations way back in the year 1985 majorly focusing on institutional and corporate investments. With maturity in the market and consumer mindset, it has moved into the retail broking space as well.

Karvy is known to improvise and innovate a lot around customer service especially due to its online features such as Ask the Experts and Live Chat with Experts, helping the clients to make sound judgment around managing their portfolio.

10.Angel Brokering

An oldie in the Indian stock broking scene Angel Broking was established way back in 1987. Today, it holds a client base of 1,000,000 across 900 cities in India and is certainly one of the top full-service stock brokers in the country. Majorly known for its Robo advisory services, ARQ, an investment engine for clients providing them with personalized recommendations and stock tips. At the same time, it boasts of some of the top tech trading platforms such as Angel Eye and Angel Broking mobile app. Known to provide high-quality research at both technical and fundamental levels Angel Broking is, is one of the top full-service stockbrokers in the country today.