Full-Service Broker in India

A licensed financial broker/ dealer firm that provides customers with a large variety of services including research and advice, retirement planning, tax tips, and much more is called a Full Sevice Broker.

A full-service broker also offers personalized financial and retirement planning advice, while helping you hone your investment strategy by providing proprietary research and even offering tax advice.

Such personalized service, of course, comes at a cost, as commissions at full-service brokerages are much higher than those at discount brokers.

At a full service brokerage firm, individual stockbrokers and/or financial advisors are assigned to the client, they are the main point of contact.

Full Sevice Brokers have been a part of the Indian Stock Market for over 30 years.

Assistance provided by Full-Service Brokers –

  • Physical Offline Presence
  • Research, Advisory and Stock Tips
  • Relationship Manager or Financial Advisor
  • 24/7 Customer Care & Support
  • Training Sessions for Clients
  • Margin Funding Facility
  • Variety of Financial Products

Benefits of a full-service broker –

  • The biggest advantage of a Full Sevice Brokers is that they offer complete hand-holding throughout their partnership with the client.
  • Full-service firms have large research departments that analyze and provide detailed reports and recommendations for the client.
  • With the added benefit of an investment banking divisions that provides accredited investor clients access to special financial products such as initial public offerings (IPOs), preferred stock, limited partnerships, and various alternative investment opportunities.
  • Full Sevice Brokers have a PAN India presence thus enabling the client to have face-to-face discussions and communications.
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